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The images are organized into categories. In each category you’ll find a page of thumbnails. These are not the final images, click on the image to get a larger version. At this point, you can download the images to your hard disk : if you are using a PC rightclick and select "download to disk." If you are using a mac: simply drag the image onto your desktop. We have provided a search window on the main page. Enter keywords to find images relevant to your purpose.

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There is also an upload function on the site. We hope that folks can add related images to the galleries and help them grow. Please do not upload photographs or low rez jpegs that you found on the Internet. If your image is to be scannned, please scan it at 300dpi and compress to a level-6 jpeg. Uploads go into a folder that the administrators of this site sort through. If you don’t see your image in a gallery right away, please be patient.

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The purpose of this website is to provide activists, radicals, revolutionaries, and otherwise left-leaning individuals, who are working to put together flyers, pamphlets, zines, propaganda etc., with high resolution graphics. Most of the images you will find are of an inherently anti-authoritarian, anti-status quo nature. Of course, everything depends on the context that the image is used. Some of the images are not radical in and of themselves, but they might serve a purpose for certain radical groups/projects (eg. images of animals for animal liberationists).